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turntable stretch wrappers


technical specifications

Turntable Speed Adjustable up to 16 RPM
Control Type Full-Feature Semi-Automatic
Max. Load Capacity 5,000 lbs
Max. Load Height 86″
Turntable Size 59″ diameter
Turntable Height 3″ from floor
Pre-Stretch Ratio 250% standard
Max. Load Size 56″ x 56″
Electrical 115/1/60 15 amp
Warranty 3/5 years
Tower Height 85″
Clearance Required 97″
The X-TRETCH pre-stretch film carriage provides superior film economy, film tension and user safety
  • Uses 20″ machine film
  • Electronically adjustable film tension
  • 250% film pre-stretch ratio, others available
  • Maintenance free ball bearing carriage guide
  • Automatic corner compensation
  • Lifetime warranty on stretch rollers
The Robust PRO-GLIDE turntable support system is Maintenance free and features superior weight capacity
  • Structural steel frame
  • Forklift portable
  • Flush with floor pit mountable
  • Easy access to components
  • 1/2 HP turntable drive motor
  • Heavy duty turntable chain drive
  • Maintenance free turntable support casters
The advanced and user-friendly DIGI-TECH control unit features unique functions to wrap any type of pallet
  • Photo-eye automatic height detection
  • Separate top and bottom wrap count 1-10
  • Turntable soft start/stop
  • Dual adjustable film carriage speed
  • Reinforce wrap function
  • Positive turntable home alignment
  • Gentle wrap feature for light or unstable pallets
Popular options
  • Standard loading ramp for pallet jack
  • Extended heavy duty ramp for electrical walkie
  • Wrap height extension for taller pallets
  • Frame extension for larger than standard pallets
  • Built-in scale package with digital weight display
  • Auto film cut
  • 30” film carriage
  • 70” diameter turntable