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Quality End of Line Pallet Unitizing Solutions

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Mach 1 Packaging Ltd. is a pioneer in the engineering and manufacturing of stretch packaging machines and systems. Capitalizing on 30 years of experience in the industry, we are the most valuable partner for modernizing and upgrading your end-of-the-line packaging process.

Our manufacturing facility is located in Montreal, Canada and starts with the engineering to welding, painting, assembly and final testing. This ensures exceptional quality and cost control which we gladly pass on to our loyal customers.

Since day one, we have been thriving to offer the most advanced stretch packaging solutions in the industry. For this reason every year we invest considerable efforts into research and development, and we are proud to remain a step ahead the competition.

Mach 1 stretch wrap machines and systems are available to end users in North American through our network of Packaging distributors and Material Handling Equipment dealers. Most models are also shipped worldwide.

Our stretch wrappers offer
these benefits above and
beyond the competition:
  • Innovative features and extensive know how in the pallet unitizing business to provide the exact solution you need.
  • Robust equipment with outstanding pricing for the lowest operation cost and short term payback of your investment.
  • Friendly and effective customer support that you can expect from a family owed business.


If you asking yourself why you should invest in a Mach 1 pallet wrap machine then let us help you understand some of the undeniable benefits:


Pallets are mainly stretch wrapped in order to protect them from damage during transport by effectively unitizing them. Pre-stretching the film 250% without neck down before it’s applied to your pallet load increases the tensioning forces that are applied to the load to a degree that can only be achieved by our uniquely built X-Stretch, pre-stretch film carriage. The variable speed, power pre-stretch rollers provide automatic corner compensation for a consistent film tension. This provides more flexibility than our competitors whether you’re wrapping bricks or empty PET bottles!


Mach 1’s stretch wrap machines and systems feature a variety of programmable wrap parameters to apply exactly the amount of stretched film that your load requires. Because they are machines, they will run for hours without getting tired where we humans will be far less precise after just a few pallets wrapped. Our pallet wrappers can also pull tricks that others or human operators can’t. For example All Mach 1 wrappers will wrap your pallet load all the way to the ground and some models can also rope the film to create a stronger product to pallet lock.


Stretch wrapping is the last step of your manufacturing or distributing process and you want to be sure it’s done fast and well. Wrap time will depend on several factors such as load size, stability and quantity of film applied but on average 1 minute is all it takes to perform a wrap cycle. Comprehensive yet user friendly operator interfaces also contribute to get you going faster. Many dangers such as back injuries, hand burns and collision due to employees walking backwards while hand wrapping are completely eliminated with a stretch wrap machine or system. Safety is paramount and providing user safe equipment is of great interest to Mach 1. We are one of the very few that use steel only when fabricating covers and shields to protect from moving parts. There are no cracking plastics here!


Taking the physical effort out of the equation means that operators remain more alert and efficient to get the job done. This also opens the door to greater multi-tasking that is far more valorizing for the operators. Grow your business without increasing labor costs.


Pre-stretching means actually stretching the film before it is applied onto the pallet load unlike stretching it while applying it that results from hand wrapping or using a machine that does not have a pre-stretch film carriage. If you’re wrapping 10-15 pallet loads every day then a Mach 1 wrapper with the X-Stretch film carriage is the appropriate choice. Because we value good sense, most semi-automatic machines and all fully automatic systems come equipped with our unique X-Stretch film carriage that stretches film to a standard ratio of 250% with minimal neck down. This is the most cost effective technique to safely unitize pallet loads. When you take the step from hand wrapping to machine stretch wrapping, you instantly reduce film usage. In addition to the dramatic 50% reduction on average of film expenses you’re also making a sustainable choice by reducing your carbon footprint. When was the last time you actually saved dollars by taking a sensible decision?

For additional information contact your local distributor or our sales department.